Teknos Group History

The Teknos Rajamaki Factory in Finland

In December 2012 Teknos acquired WedevÅg FÄrg AB, a Swedish paint manufacturer located in Vedevåg, north-west of Stockholm. The company, founded in 1902, produces water and solvent-based products including colourless and pigmented varnishes, stains, waxes, oils and UV-curing coating systems.


Teknos opens a daughter company to Ukraine.
Teknos opens a daughter company in Shanghai, China. The company name is Teknos Coatings Trading (Shanghai) Co and it serves international industrial customers.
Teknos buys Tikkurila's powder coatings business in Russia. The factory is in St. Petersburg and products are marketed under OHTEK name.


Teknos buys GORI's wood industry business from Dyrup A/S.
Teknos establishes a joint-venture company to Russia together with local Russian paint manufacturer. The company name is Teknos Deko and the premises are in St. Petersburg. Teknos Deko manufacturers architectural coatings.


Teknos has its 60th anniversary.
Teknos opens a daughter company in Slovenia.
Teknos opens own representative offices in Belarus and Ukraine.
Teknos opens a new paint shop in Stockholm area. The shop serves professional painters.


The Rajamäki powder coating plant's extension is completed. The 10.000 m2 new plant is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries.
In Denmark all operations are concentrated in Vamdrup factory. Operations from Aalborg is transferred to Vamdrup. In Vamdrup new production facilities and Industrial Wood test centre are completed.
Two corporate restructurings are made. Teknos sells its coil coating operations to the American Valspar Corporation and its Danish Architectural Coatings to a Danish entrepreneur Nordisk Aktiv Virke A/S.
Teknos acquires Ljungdahls Färg AB in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ljungdahls Färg is one of the oldest paint shops in Sweden. It serves both professionals and DIY painters.


Teknos' ultra high-solids polyurethane paints show strong growth. The products are based on brand new technology and bring revolutionary benefits to customers.
NORDICA AQUA – a new product to NORDICA outdoor paint series for DIY painters is launched.
Teknos opens its own paint shop in Bromma/Stockholm.


Teknos buys coil coating activities from Tikkurila. A new daughter company Teknos Nova Coil TNC Oy is established.
Teknos buys the majority shareholding in L A Cook Ltd in Northern Ireland. The company sells industrial wood paints to the whole of Ireland.
Teknos establishes a subsidiary in Moscow.


In Denmark a new production hall is completed in Vamdrup. Aalborg continues as Teknos other production plant in Denmark.


New raw material warehouse of 6.000 m2 and top-modern conference centre are completed in Rajamäki, Finland.
WOODEX – a totally new wood protection product family is launched.
Teknos takes NCS colour system in use.


New office and warehouse facilities are completed in Norway.


Teknos buys Danish Hygæa Farve og Lakker A/S (founded in 1882). Teknos Denmark begins integration of its systems. Teknos is rewarded with a yearly EIA-award for making a report assessing environmental effects. Teknos Proline – service concept is launched for professional end-users.


Teknos gets both in Finland and Sweden certificates ISO 14001 –system based environmental management system. R & D for water borne and solvent free paint systems continues intense. Many new products for end-users are brought to markets including NORDICA- outdoor paint series.


Water borne AQUA-series meant for industrial wood gets its commercial break through in Finland. Paren product of the series – Aquatop – in developed in Teknos Denmark. Teknos gets a certificate after ISO 14001 – standard accordance environmental system in Denmark. Teknos buys the German paint factory Rhodius Lacke und Farben GmbH (founded in 1892).


A daughter company is founded in Warsaw Poland.


Teknos buys share majority in English European Coatings Ltd. Teknos gets ISO 9001 –standard quality system based certificate. Teknos brings a novelty product STEELCOAT 3000 into market. Compared to the previous products it has better weather durability. More and more new environmental friendly by-products are brought to industrial markets.


Teknos gets a certificate based on SFS-ISO 9001 –standard quality system.


Teknos's new warehouse and factory site in Sweden taken into use. Teknos founds a new daughter company in Norway.


TEKNOCOLOR 2001 – tinting system hits the market. It represents a totally new thinking in color world and makes it possible to make almost 2000 different shades in indoor paints.


Teknos buys Danish Schou Farve- og Lakfabrik (founded in 1912). Teknos Schou gets DS–ISO 9001 – standard based quality system certificate. Rajamäki central warehouse is completed and taken into use.


Teknos buys Swedish Tranemo Färg – paint factory (founded in 1920).


BIORA, Finland's first totally solvent free indoor paint.


Teknos buys Winter's (founded in 1892) Epilä's factories paint business from Oy Lohja Ab.


TEKNOMIX, computer guided tinting machine for both industrial and commercial wet paints.


Manufacturing of Coil coatings begins – Teknos again first in Finland.


NATURA, Finland's first water borne lacquer for wood surfaces


INERTA 160, Special coating that can endure extremely strenuous exertion and ice abrasion.


Manufacturing of powder coatings begins, Finland's only manufacturer – as Teknos is still today. Development of work safe wet paints begins.


KIRJO, Finland's first colored corrosion prevention paint for tin roofs and heavy industrial objects.


PANU, Finland's first water-borne wood surface paint for outdoors.


EPIREX, Finland's first double component paint and first epoxy resin solution for concrete surfaces in the world.


FERREX, Finland's first activated multipigmented red lead. Specialisation into anti-corrosive paints begins.


Teknos-Tehtaat Oy is founded.

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